Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I walk through my mind
On a path called Why
That leads to a place called Where.
I eventually arrive
At a time named When
And I speak to a person
Called Who.

"Whyever do I wonder?
 Wherever do I go?
 Whenever do I get there?
 Whoever is there?" I ask.

Whoever it is that plays
Tricks with my eyes
That I can see
What I don't want to know;

Whoever it is that replies
Without words:
"Wherever you are, I am there,
 Whenever you are, I am then,
 Whyever you are,
 I'm the reason you are,
 Whoever you are
 I am you." 

18 January 1972 One of my favourites! I was definitely improving by then, if still a bit bizarre.

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