Friday, 14 January 2011

And silence.

Awoken by some instinctive alarm
You get up out of bed
And yawn.
You grab a pair of grey flannel trousers
Wander into the bathroom
And wash. 
Swing a tie round your neck,
Drop in at the breakfast table
And eat.
Complain about having to go to school,
Wrap up and rush to the bus-stop
And wait.
Watch two yellow spots grow larger
And two red ones grow smaller
And go home again. 
Climb out of father's car at school
Turn up in the formroom
And talk.
Get hustled over into an abbey.
Mumble about Maths prep
And sing.
Sing silent anthems
To one who wears a veil
Even to fervent believers.
Between verses -
A silent question,
A silent reply,
And silence.

Probably 1968 - St Albans School days


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