Sunday, 16 January 2011

Perhaps 2

Perhaps one day
One girl will talk
To one boy
Who's not just looking on
But listening.

I drove home that night
Faster than ever,
I felt like shouting out
"At last we're together!"

The air was warm
But I was shivering'
I felt so good
I couldn't stop quivering.

I didn't need to dream at all,
Just lay awake for hours,
Clinging to the wonderful -
'Perhaps one day' was ours. 

A dream that came real
Of love that was real
Creating a smile
And a glint in the eyes.
Something now that I'll
Not want to disguise.

Morning came soon,
But could not bring me down
From a cloud of reality
That just would not frown. 


April 1970 See Perhaps a while ago.


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