Friday, 28 January 2011


How incredibly absurd
Most people say
To talk to a bird
Throughout the day.

I talk to a seagull
And he talks to me
Which makes me cheerful
And we seem to agree.

We get along fine
Just talking of friends
Whilst all the time
A concerned ear he lends.

We sort out ourselves,
The the world we debate
Then file onto shelves
To get things straight.

He flies through the sky
Finding somewhere to land,
Starts wondering why
People don't understand.

Free to think up there
And sort out his mind
About why some people care
But most are unkind. 

The next time you see him
Smile and say hello
But don't try to catch him
Or to the clouds he'll go.

Surrounded by cloud again,
The quietest place -
His very own fast lane -
Safe from your gaze.

Where he has the sun
Shining so bright
And he's free, the only one
Who can really see the light.

5 April 1971 Kilrenny beach



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