Monday, 31 January 2011


When I'm feeling small,
When I'm sad,
Walking just inches tall
Through the wasted time I've had;

When I'm feeling down,
When I'm alone,
With no friend around, 
To make this place feel home;

When I'm feeling low,
When I'm hurt,
My body hating so,
And feeling numb, inert;

When I'm crying,
Drowning in my tears,
My will to live is dying,
Stifled by my fears;

When I'm screaming
To the heartless night out there.
Afraid that I'll start dreaming
But the dark brings another nightmare; 

That's the time I need you, dear,
To make me reach up high.
That's the time I want you, dear, 
To help me to find blue sky;

That's the time I long for you, dear,
To cast away my fear;
That's the time I love you, dear,
Forever I'll love you, dear. 


27 September 1971 The first line of a Simon & Garfunkel track inspired this


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