Monday, 24 January 2011


When the sun shines in a clear blue sky
It just isn't the time to sit down and cry;
Tears for love or distance, so think and hope
Under blue above, to dance, then elope
With day dreams and summer's warmth and beauty,
Away from ties, trains, people and duty.
Run, skip or jump in a field with some lambs,
Watched in wonder by ewes and rams.
Invite them to join you, then climb some trees;
They'll refuse and scorn you, but do as you please.
Tumble and fall off a branch to the ground,
Smile then laugh at life, now scattered around.
Reassure the rabbit - leave Alice to chase
A white rabbit vanishing into the haze -
The haze of your very own Wonderland
Now losing reality without her hand.

You must wake up and see her before the red queen advances
So near that you'll forever sleep amongst chess board trances.
Mushrooms are blocking your path to humanity
'Behead!' is the order, screamed by insanity;
The sunlit warmth is now a cold steel glint
And the countryside assumes a blood-stained tint,
The lambs are enormous, their teeth are bared,
Frighteningly different from those whose joy you shared.
In fear you run, stumbling, lost in the grass,
Then suddenly halted by a wall of glass.
You sit down in despair, wondering if you matter at all -
And that very thought seems to shatter the wall.
Step through and adorn shirt, tie and collar,
Clasp that briefcase and rolled-up umbrella.
Jump on a bus and go for a ride.
Look out the window -
It's raining outside. 


30 March 1971


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